The Candy House Highlights

by Jennifer Egan

The film proved coma-inducing to all who attended the private screening Alfred paid for in Manhattan. Miles, a notorious insomniac, had to be forcibly roused when the film ended. Miles begged Alfred for a DVD of Geese to bring home to Chicago and watch at bedtime. Enraged and crushed, Alfred refused.

loc. 425-427

I pour M a glass of milk and put two cookies on a plate, oatmeal–chocolate chip, because by eliminating the raisins you can merge the two genres perfectly,

loc. 1141-1142

And the older ones will be too exhausted to start another revolution and too cynical to believe it will work. But the younger ones will—you guessed it—try to elude the counters. They will vacate their identities and form a new secret network, thus seceding into yet another parallel invisible nation where, they believe, they will at last be free. And the same thing will happen. And the same thing will happen. And the same thing will happen.

loc. 1383-1386

Patterns of Affinity, by Miranda Kline.

loc. 1796-1796

Patterns of Affinity introduces, with elegant simplicity, formulas for predicting human inclinations.

loc. 1846-1846

(this was good old-fashioned pot, mind you, full of stems and seeds, long before the days of hydroponic sinsemilla).

loc. 1961-1961

hard to accomplish through the methadone

loc. 2280-2280

feeling well and can’t come in, Effortless Prevarication

loc. 2294-2294

Abuela tied a Mondrian-patterned apron over her dress and ladled chicken stew into Mondrian-patterned bowls.

loc. 2537-2538

But knowing everything is too much like knowing nothing; without a story, it’s all just information.

loc. 5069-5070