To Sleep in a Sea of Stars Highlights

by Christopher Paolini

play the complete works of J. S. Bach on a loop, starting with the Brandenburg Concertos.

loc. 2210-2210

Fear and frustration spilled over to anger, and she shouted, “Stop it!” The Soft Blade rippled, and she felt it respond to the summons, answering it with an echo of her angry denial, an inaudible, invisible echo of radiated energy that raced outward, spreading, spreading… spreading across the system.

loc. 4536-4538

Ship minds begin as one of us. We have to decide to become a ship mind. It does not happen on its own. A ship mind often knows and understands more than we do, but we do not always take orders from them. That depends on what position or authority the ship mind has. And not all ship minds are in ships. Many exist elsewhere.

loc. 9057-9059