Iā€™m going into this year feeling good. Mostly because it started exactly on the beat switch in Nights.

Few points:

  • Write down thoughts and experiences so that I will remember them
  • Need to start looking at my haircut from a side-on view (tell barber)
  • Stop blow-drying hair
  • Do more sober things with friends (cards, movies, day-trips, etc)
  • Prioritize health
  • Wake-up early
  • Set specific goals to get things done
  • Try not to slouch
  • Take more chances
  • Always be willing to learn
  • Go skydiving
  • Enjoy silence
  • At least 7.5 hours sleep
  • Cook with rice more
  • Wear a turtleneck with a blazer to an event
  • Drink more water
  • Knit
  • Stop watching corny movies instead of good ones
  • Be grateful

Happy New Year!