I’m going into this new year feeling hungover. But optimistic.

Few points:

  • I want to become more confident in my dev knowledge
  • Take advantage of sunny days
  • Read in the hammock more
  • Try for better posture
  • Make taco tuesdays a thing
  • Go to more formal events because I like wearing a suit
  • Stretch more often
  • Don’t speak on things you haven’t read enough about
  • Have a consistent sleep schedule
  • Get off tik tok
  • Volunteer (big-brother, tutor)
  • TA a lab at UVic
  • Set specific goals to get things done (repeat from last year)
  • Use the food processor to cook
  • Do more passive activities without a screen (yo-yoing, juggling, ball in cup thing, kodama)
  • Wear more interesting clothes
  • Start drinking coffee??
  • Go skiing at mount washington
  • Make more vlogs for myself to enjoy
  • Do more trips in the civic
  • Find a good therapist
  • Try meditation?
  • Be grateful