this summer


Having a full-time job changed patterns in my lifestyle. Waking up at 7am everyday isn’t a big deal anymore. It just happens. Even on weekends. I have a nice seperation between work and my life. My work laptop stays at the office, which makes it easier to enjoy the summer on the weekends. That said, I think about my job alot. I think about what I’m working on, if this is what I want my career to look like, how I should work on myself to become a better employee. Big questions. I’ve been fortunate to land a job in a workplace that supports my learning. Talking about concepts and technologies I’m interested in with someone smart makes so much more sense to me than lecturers. I’m learning more efficiently than I ever did in University. Obviously though, it’s not my supervisor’s job to teach me. That’s why I pay tuition and my work pays me a salary. I’ve discovered that working in an office, especially a small one, makes you develop real friendship with co-workers. And I’ve been lucky enough to work with people that I hope to keep in touch with.

Summer ending is always sad. But I’m grateful this job worked out. It’s scary stepping into a workplace you don’t know alot about. Just gotta trust your instincts I guess.


I’ve probably raved about this somewhere on the blog. But I value consistency over intensity. Aristotle said

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

That said, this has not been a summer of hobbies. I played basketball regularly for about three weeks. I ran a 10k on Sundays about five times. I definitely haven’t been writing blog posts. I have been reading. I’ve been smoking weed about weekly.


I was in a relationship for a while this summer. I won’t talk much about it here. But I did learn that if you are going to take a relationship seriously, it takes a bunch of time and work. And I realized how little experience I have with that.